Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Breaking In Riedell Skates I Just Got New Figure Skates.. How Long Do You Think It Will Take Me To Break Them In?

I just got new figure skates.. How long do you think it will take me to break them in? - breaking in riedell skates

I have just today Skates - Riedell 375 Gold.
They were put in a hot oven to form the feet.
I have around the house only for 20 minutes or less identical. Patino 4x per week for approximately 2 hours per day. How long do you think you are my skates?
[I'm all alone except Axel jump]


LaDaDum. said...

Depending on their feet, and the person, even if that company has not used before. Some people take up to one month break in skates - Other 1 days. One thing I have noticed was a lot of bulbs, it hurts (does), but if you have a pair of low gel that much and usually lasts for a while helps.

I'll take a few days to 2 weeks for you? :)

figuresk... said...

Probably about a week, the time to me! If you skate in these early, you may not want to tie them all the way to.

Kate said...

I had a similar situation and went to a public skating session for 2 hours and I could do all my jumps and most of my tour. I think it will probably need about 8 hours to make familiar again, you, the way we do things to change in adapting to their new skates! Enjoy and keep skating! Hope this helps!

brat said...

approximately 2 weeks, but Bunga pads really helps!

brat said...

approximately 2 weeks, but Bunga pads really helps!

to cool for preschool said...

Do not think it would take a long time. Maybe two weeks, or about ten sessions of one hour.

Heidi said...

These are some of the runners in Nice. (:

Walking around the house in the boots are a good idea, really helped. Riedell Bronze is my 320 and it took me about 6 days to come.

It is different for everyone, but as a rule, the period of interruption for about a week to 10 days.

firgure_... said...

I would say that about a week. Ridel, and I took it for so long to break in. But I do not think you should be on skates when broken .. havnt:)

tinkerbe... said...

depends on how they skate
usually takes about a week, if you are a professional

[: said...

Normally it takes about a week, but depends on the frequency of the skate.
If you skate, do not try jumps or spins difficult because many new shoes can bleed your feet.

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